Dr. Greg Peppes Story

dr peppes experienceNTI use with Dr. Greg Peppes

Dr. Greg Peppes, of Kansas City, has been using the NTI-tss Plus for 8 years. His integration of the NTI into his practice has been very successful.

Are there any patient success stories you would like to share?

One patient really stands out. She had been a patient for 20 years and we had used a full arch splint to relieve her jaw pain and headaches. With the full arch splint she would have good days and bad days. When we switched to the NTI-tss she had fantastic results. Every day became a good day.

After having the NTI-tss for five years she broke it. She was so reliant on the NTI for her pain relief that I had to make another one for her that day. She wouldn’t go to bed without it!

What do you use the NTI-tss for?

I use it mainly for protection and pain management. Dentists who haven’t used the NTI would be real surprised with how well it does with pain management.

How do you educate patients about the NTI-tss?

I use brochures. They have a lot of helpful questions and information. I ask them questions and by the responses of their answers I describe what NTI is. I explain how it turns off certain muscles and how they use the temporalis muscle when they clench.

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