Dr. Michael Davis Story

dr davis opinionsDr. Michael Davis received his DDS from Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1981. He has been published in various periodicals including The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and The Journal of the American Dental Association. He currently practices in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he enthusiastically incorporates NTI-tss into his comprehensive care solo practice.

How do you use NTI-tss in your practice?

We use the NTI to treat migraine headaches and to prevent and treat jaw pain. I’ve seen some amazing success with the device.

How do you introduce the NTI-tss to patients?

We have a skull model that shows muscles, teeth, and joints. Our patient coordinator, Jean, uses the model to demonstrate how an NTI fits on the front teeth and prevents the back teeth from occluding. Many have tried drugs, psychotherapy, and various other cures with little success. The NTI-tss Plus has improved so many of my patient’s lives, I can’t say enough good things about it.

Will my insurance cover this?

Unfortunately, we can’t always give a definitive answer. Many times insurance companies will cover some or all of the cost. Rather than create unusual expectations, we’ve learned to be thorough in our submissions and do our best to make sure our patients can get treatment without making guarantees.

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