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Surprising Things You Don't Know About Migraines

There is a lot that we know about migraines, but there is a lot we don't know and what you don't know may surprise you.  Here are a few things that you may not know about migraines:

They have been linked to suicide risk

Several studies have now linked migraines with an increased risk for suicide attempts and even completed suicide. The risk may be even higher among people with aura or the flashes of light and other sensory symptoms that can accompany the headaches. It is still not clear why migraines and suicide are related, but depression and and migraine share a similar biology according to Dawn Buse, PhD. She says that migraine sufferers need to know that "they're not alone. They can get help."

Your medication could be making migraines worse

Although drugs are meant to help ease the pain of migraines, in some cases this strategy can backfire. Too-frequent use of migraine medications can result in what's known as "medication over use headaches." Try not to use migraine medication, even over-the-counter varieties, more than twice a week.

Lightning and migraine can strike together

A study of migraine sufferers in Ohio and Missouri found that the risk of migraine went up on days when there was lightning nearby compared to days when there wasn't. Weather-related factors such as barometric pressure and humidity, have been linked to migraines in the past.

Migraines are linked to other serious health problems

People with migraines have an elevated risk of stroke and of cardiovascular problems when compared with the general population.

A drop in your stress level can bring on a migraine

Research by Buse's team actually found a 20% higher risk of migraines after someone's mood changed from sad or nervous to happy or relaxed. These "let-down" migraines may be caused by a sudden, dramatic drop in hormones.


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Monday, 20 August 2018