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Holiday Headache Triggers

We all know that the Holidays are supposed to be full of cheer, however, the season can also be very stressful. For many migraine and headache sufferers, the season means a lot of triggers all at once. Here are 10 Common Holiday Triggers according to Fox News:

1. Alcohol- there are lots of seasonal celebrations going on and it is easy to over indulge. Remember to moderate your alcohol intake.

2. Stress- certain stress related traits, including rigidity, reserve and obsessivity can make you headache prone.

3. Pine Scents- seasonal scents including pine and cinnamon are a big headache trigger for some.

4. Caffeine- a little coffee, tea, or cocoa can actually help headaches, but too much can trigger them.

5. Holiday Foods- some foods are known to trigger headaches for many people - others though, especially those rich in magnesium, seem to help prevent them.

6. Holiday Lights- try not to stare and the Christmas Tree or snow glare too long.

7. Perfume Samples- perfume can trigger real pain, avoid the beauty counter in big department stores if you can.

8. Being Home- headaches can happen when you take a break from your routine. Keep your sleep times as normal as possible, you will feel more rested than if you stay in bed until noon.

9. Flying- traveling can aggravate your sinuses. If you are congested or suffer from frequent sinus infections, but can't miss your flight, use decongestant nasal drops or a spray before takeoff to keep your sinuses clear.

10. Sleepless Nights- A study found that those who slept an average of 6 hours a night tended to have significantly more severe and more frequent headaches than those who got more sleep. Try not to let the stress of the holidays affect your sleep patterns.

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Monday, 20 August 2018