Over 29 million Americans suffer from migraines. The NTI-tss is indicated for migraine prevention. It is a small nightguard that comfortably fits over your four front teeth. Its patented design keeps your canine and back teeth apart. This separation minimizes the intensity of your nighttime clenching forces.

Tampa Dentist Treating Headaches

Sometimes observable symptoms such as grinding of teeth, broken teeth, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and masseter muscle pain can alert the dentist to a problem. In other cases, it's simply good communication on a regular basis with a dental professional that uncovers the problem and leads to the right solution.

Tampa dentist, Randall Diez said, "Headaches, including migraines and recurring pain of the jaw, neck and even the back, can be very hard to diagnose and treat - for any practitioner. So often, our patients - even long time patients - don't think about discussing problems such as headaches or neck pain with the dentist. That's why our team makes a point of learning more about our patients' overall health, and especially conditions such as headache, jaw and neck pain." 

Investment of time and resources allows Dr. Diez to be a more important part of overall wellness and healthcare for his patients.

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Excedrin Recall Causing Havoc Among Migraine Sufferers

Excedrin was pulled from store shelves six months ago because of concerns that they could contain whole or partial pills of extremely strong opiate medications used to treat pain. Shelves are still Excedrin free today. The manufacturer, Novartis, plans to restart production on a line-by-line, product-by-product basis to assure quality and hopes to start restocking some products in the second half of the year. 

Since Excedrin isn't available in stores, it has lead headache sufferers to search elsewhere. It is available for purchase online... for a price. Michael Clancy of The Arizona Republic said that a package of 50 two-tablet packs of the medication, which cost approximately $8 prior to the recall, was going for nearly $250 on Amazon.com as of Friday, July 14th. 

Those unwilling to pay the price have been exploring other options such as, generic versions or prescription medication, sometimes with little success.

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Weather Changes May Trigger Migraines

A new study presented at the annual meeting of the American Headache Society in Los Angeles, found that outside temperature can trigger migraines, especially among people sensitive to temperature.

Sixty-six migraine patients were asked to keep a diary of their headaches over the course of a year and temperature change was linked to mild headaches 21 percent of the time, but only 5 percent of the time for more severe headaches.  The association seemed to be more closely linked to cold rather than hot days.

This study confirms that patient's accounts and even previous research findings that a rise in temperature increased the incidence of headache. Often, it's not just one factor though that starts a migraine attack, but two or more together.

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June is Migraine Awareness Month

June is National Migraine Awareness Month and there are a lot of awareness campaigns going on around the country.  The National Headache Foundation is sponsoring a campaign, Help Make Migraines Visible. Their mission is to help change lives of those experiencing headaches. Nearly 40 million Americans suffer from headaches and migraines.

Check out the website for The National Headache Foundation to see what they are offering and sponsoring in your area for Migraine Awareness.

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Botox Does More Than Erase Wrinkles

In a draft report by the British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), it has been recommended that Botox injections should be used as a treatment option for chronic migraines. It is thought that Botox may help with migraines by blocking pain signals, as well as making muscles relax.

Dr. Giles Elrington, from the National Migraine Centre, said that the success rate proves the injections can have far wider benefits than just erasing wrinkles. "Botox is mostly used to cause partial muscle paralysis, and that's why it works for wrinkles, spasms and stiffness. It's not just a treatment for ladies who lunch," Elrington said. "The funny thing about Botox and migraine is that it's working on sensory pathway, and what it does is not cause muscle paralysis but reduce the sensory traffic coming from the head through to consciousness."


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