Over 29 million Americans suffer from migraines. The NTI-tss is indicated for migraine prevention. It is a small nightguard that comfortably fits over your four front teeth. Its patented design keeps your canine and back teeth apart. This separation minimizes the intensity of your nighttime clenching forces.

Are Side Effects Worth the Migraine Relief?

New studies are showing that the side effects of drugs prescribed for migraine relief are sometimes so terrible that sufferers stop taking them. Research does show that drugs prescribed are effective at treating migraines and reducing migraine attacks, but many of the medications have side effects that are so bothersome that sufferers frequently stopped taking them. 

This could be due to the fact that none of the drugs used to prevent migraines was designed specifically for that purpose, explained Dr. Jason Rosenburg, director of the Johns Hopkins Headache Center. "So, it's not surprising that they don't work all that well. Only one-third get halfway better, according to the study, so a doctor has to treat three people to get one patient better."

The side effects can range from weight gain, sleepiness, risk of diabetes and kidney stones. This is why physicians and patients need better information. A lot of off-label drugs (drugs not made for migraine prevention) are often prescribed because they show the most favorable combination of benefits to potential harms.

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June is Migraine Awareness Month


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Monday, 20 August 2018